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1. Trauma and coping mechanism of sexually abused girls

Josephine p. Manapsal., rpsy, ph.D

Alyssa maria. Reyes cavite state university Arizon d. Paraiso, cavite state university

ABSTRACT:This paper explored the trauma and coping mechanism of sexually abused girls in one of the residential institution in dasmariñas, cavite conducted from june 2014 to february 2015. This study specifically aimed to determine how the trauma was experienced and how the sexually abused girls cope with their trauma. The study was a multiple case study design, mixedmethod design. Self-made trauma questionnaire and coping questionnaire were utilized with a cronbach alpha of .91 while unstructured interview was employed to validate the result of the quantitative data. The study involved seven girls with different cases of sexual abuse, fingering, act of lasciviousness, rape, incest and sex trafficking. Trauma and coping mechanism were subjective phenomenological experience of every sexually-abused girls. Those who have closer relationship with her perpetrator have more tendencies to fall into severe or profound trauma. Betrayal is notably the highest mean score type of trauma where the abuse girls experience distrust, hostility, disenchantment, anger, blaming others and becoming more vigilant to other people. Active social coping is reported the most utilized and most helpful coping mechanism. Disclosure of the abuse and seeking social support help them the most to cope with the trauma brought by the sexual abuse experience

Keyword: Incest, act of lasciviousness, rape, traumatic sexualization powerlessness, betrayal, stigmatization,

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2. Effects of Agro forestry and Micro doses of Fertilizers on Spodoptera frugiperda control in the East of DR CONGO.

Ntamwira bagula ph.D

Mulungu Station, National Institute for Agricultural study and Research, BP 2037 Kinshasa 1, Bukavu, South Kivu, RD. Congo,

ABSTRACT:The objective of this work was to determine the cultural practice that can be used to control the Spodoptera frugiperda. The results show that: Treatment with NPK-Manure (34.4%) and Control (25.5%) had more attacked maize plants and a significantly higher incidence (P = 0.001) for both cropping seasons A and B than agro forestry system treatments (4.1%). In addition, the mean numbers of Spodoptera frugiperda caught in the NPK-Manure (14) and control (7) treatments during the two growing seasons were significantly higher (P = 0.001) than the others treatments in agro forestry system (3). Contrary for maize varieties, there were no significant differences between the three varieties in the number of attacked plants (P = 0.877), incidence (P = 0.956) and number of collected spodoptera (P = 0.803) per varieties for both seasons. With respect to the seasons, there were more attacked plants with a higher incidence in season B than A. The labor cost for Spodoptera capture was higher for the NPKManure (26.3 USA$) and the control (23.4 US $) treatments in comparison with agro forestry practice with the low cost (4.7- 7.8 US). The application of agro forestry has an advantage for farmers to control Spodoptera frugiperda in the study environment.

Keyword: Associations, grass, labor cost, leguminous shrubs, and maize varieties.

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3. Evaluation of the performance of the three bean varieties (d6, mu mwema and mlb oo7) at bushman, western coast of lake kivu.

Moïse ruhanamirindi bisusa 1, moïse bazirogwerhe bambonerere 1, david munguakonkwa bahizire 1, françois cikuru mihigo 1, jean-paul namegabe barhalengehwa 1, and jean augustin rubabura kituta 2 *

1.Hight technic institute of development, istd mulungu, bukavu, south kivu, rd. Congo, 2.Agriculture entomology laboratory, biology department, research centre in natural sciences, crsn -lwiro, d.S/bukavu, south kivu, drc

ABSTRACT:The main objective is to evaluate the productivity performance of these three varieties of common beans in bushumba, north kabare. The results show that: these three varieties d6, mlb007 and muke mwema have same collar diameter and same plant height. Concerning pods, d6 and mlb007 bean varieties have a hight of number of pod per plant (6) than muke mwema bean variety (5). The bio fortified bean mlb007 has highly weight than d6 and muke mwema beans varieties. The number of seeds per pod is the same for these three varieties (d6, mlb007 and muke mwema), as the hundred grain weight, the plot weight and the grain yield. The number of seeds per pod is the same for these three varieties (d6, mlb007 and muke mwema), as the hundred grain weight, the plot weight and the grain yield.

Keyword:fortified organic beans, malnutrition, Kabare, legume and bean varieties.

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4. School characteristics as correlates of senior secondary school physics students’ achievement in federal capital territory, Abuja, Nigeria

Dr. P.A. Agu & mr. C.O. Iyamu

Department of science, technology and mathematics education, faculty of education, nasarawa state university, keffi, Nigeria

ABSTRACT:This study investigated school characteristics (class size and school location) as correlates of senior secondary school physics’ students’ achievement in federal capital territory (fct), Abuja, Nigeria. A sample size of 2505 students selected from a population of 25,050 using stratified random sampling based on 10% representation from the six local area councils in fct was used for the study. Ex-post facto research design was employed for the study. The instrument used for data collection was a questionnaire that consisted of a performa soliciting for the location of schools based on rural and urban classification. The west african senior school certificate examination (wassce) result sheets from the year2011 to 2017 were sorted out to group students into two groups which are the pass group with grades a1 to c6 and the fail group with grades from d7 to f9. Wassce result sheets were also used to determine the class size. The analyses of these data collected from the data were analyzed using pearson’s product moment correlation and t-test. Results of the investigation showed that class size and school location had significant relationship with students’ achievement in physics. Based on these findings, it was recommended that fct educational authorities should construct additional classrooms to take care of the inadequate classrooms. Also government should provide access roads, water supply, electricity, ict facilities and other infrastructure to link schools located within rural areas with their urban counterparts.

Keyword: school characteristics, correlates, physics, achievement

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Aysha al Mahmoud, Ph.D.

* faculty of economics and social sciences, Szent istván university, a field of scientific research: social care in western Europe and Qatar, sustainable development in Qatar, gödöllő, Hungary

ABSTRACT:In the following essay, I intend to summarize the challenges of the European union from social policy and social care perspective, and also from the economic and political point of view. The examination of contemporary social challenges helps identifying the most acute problems of Europe and this short account can indicate the further things to do, policy directions having a more general message as well. I try to analyze the status of European social models by exercising sectorial and thematic approaches instead of concentrating on the territorial divisions of different social systems. From many aspects, my observations are not exact in a scientific sense, meaning that the development of European social care and its models are not “the end of the history”, rather they constitute an ongoing process, which is happening nowadays as well, thus without the endpoint, it cannot be evaluated properly from the necessary scientific distance. From a scientific point of view, it is also a problem that the whole idea and all these systems are shaped by humans, thus making everything complex and unpredictable. Beyond all these difficulties, there can be several challenges for the existing systems identified; future tendencies that worth considering from a general perspective.

Keyword: social care, development, human, population, social policy

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Muhammad Abi Sofian Abdul Halim1 , Wan Abd Aziz Wan Mohd Amin2 , Shaladdin Muda1

1 School of Business and Maritime Management, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Terengganu, MALAYSIA 2 Faculty of Applied Social Science, Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, Terengganu, MALAYSIA

ABSTRACT:Malaysian craft industry is currently in transformation from focusing on social-based activities into profit-based activities. Thus, the entrepreneurial traits and skills become important in developing the industry in Malaysia. Kraftangan Malaysia is a government agency that responsible in implementing the public policy that regarding the development of entrepreneurial traits among craft entrepreneurs. Since the emergence a new concept of several numbers of entrepreneurial traits, business performance has become important aspects in producing new paradigm in Malaysia craft industry. Nowadays, Kraftangan Malaysia is hardly to identify the factors that should be emphasized in constructing entrepreneurial traits among craft-makers in Malaysia. Therefore the purpose of this paper is to construct the underlying structure in a set of data and validity of factors that was developing based on literature. The confirmatory factor analysis is a method that was used to study the validity of components in factors of; need for achievement, locus of control, creativity, innovative, and grab market opportunities. The result indicates that there were only 45 from 68 components of the rotated component matrix are above 0.5. Furthermore, the existences of various factors in this study are valid; however, the components of instrument become reduce. Therefore, the questionnaire is surely can be to make a further study without doubt in inferential analysis. Additionally, the finding of this confirmatory factor analysis become important to entrepreneurship agencies and industry players in constructing the programs, policies, guideline and any model that involve with the variables in developing the entrepreneurial traits.

Keyword: Entrepreneurial traits, craft industry, confirmatory factor analysis, entrepreneurship

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7. Introduction and Evaluation of New Cassava Varieties Resistant To Cassava Diseases and Pests in Maniema Province, East of DR Congo

Ir. Eric Musungayi

mulungu station, national institute for agricultural study and research,bp 2037, kinshasa, bukavu dr. Congo

ABSTRACT:Cassava adaptive trial was planted in nine sites around maniema town with nine introduced and local cassava varieties to test their performance and reactions to major pests and diseases in the region. The experiment was planted in a randomized complete block design with three replicates. Results showed cassava mosaic, cassava brown streak disease and cassava green mite as major pest and diseases across all sites. Leaf and root cassava brown streak disease incidences and severities, cassava mosaic disease, marketable root weight, average number of rotten roots and root yield were significantly (p<0.001) related to the individual varieties. Local varieties were seriously affected by cassava mosaic and cassava brown streak disease. Introduced cultivars from mulungu research centre were found to be resistant to the two observed diseases across all the sites. The results showed a highest yield in kindisa, mlg 2009/083, mu 2009/004, mlg 2011/195, mwezi-site, kabombo, mulamba, kindewe and kankwale, in that order. High yields were found on improved cultivars compared to the local varieties. The absence of disease’s symptoms and high yield on improved cultivars across all sites indicated that those cultivars are tolerant and can be released for production in maniema region.

Keyword: Diseases pressure, performance, resistance, variety response, variety ranking

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