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Iboroma, S. D.*; Cookey, G. A. and Obunwo, C. C.

Department of Chemistry, Rivers State University, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

ABSTRACT:Sedimentation data of bioactive materials are essential in the preparation of their suspension drugs. In the present work, sedimentation rate of tribasic magnesium phosphate (TMP) precipitate was determined with respect to magnesium-to-phosphate (Mg:P) volume ratio, stirring and temperature, using the simultaneous ion variation method. It was found that TMP precipitate sedimentation is unaffected by stirring but influenced by high temperature conditions. It is also influenced by Mg:P volume ratio if high volume of magnesium ions is mixed with low volume of phosphate ions. In three consecutive stirrings, TMP precipitate showed 0% increase in sedimentation rate but exhibited 100% decrease between 30oC and 50oC rise in temperature. Evaluated sedimentation rate of TMP precipitate remained relatively low (0.029cmminute-1 - 0.089cmminute-1) when Mg:P volume fraction was varied from 0.1 to 0.8 except the highest volume fraction (0.9) which gave high value (0.650cmminute-1). Change in viscosity resulting from particle-medium and particle-particle interactions is the main factor identified in this study. The results may be employed as physical stability information in formulation of magnesium phosphate suspensions.

Keyword: sedimentation, magnesium-to-phosphate, stirring, temperature, tribasic magnesium phosphate, precipitate

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2. Assessment of Parents Perception on Secondary School Child Bully in Bauchi State-Nigeria: Implication for School Curriculum

Musa Mohammed Mande1 & Aminu Yusuf2

1, &2, Department of Education Foundations, Faculty of Technology Education, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi-Nigeria

ABSTRACT:– Determining in percentages the parent perception on how often a secondary school child is bullied; the most frequent type of bully a secondary school child experience were among the objectives of the study. A survey design was used for the study. The population of the study consists of parents of both Junior Secondary (JS) and Senior Secondary (SS) Schools from the 20 Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Bauchi State. Multistage sampling technique was used to select five LGAs and 200(10 from each school) parents whose children were attending public secondary schools. Adaptation of Dore, (2016) questionnaire on Bullying was made and used for data collection. A Cronbach’s Alpha 0.84 was established for the stability of the items. The data were analyzed using frequency count, percentages and bar charts. The frequency at which a secondary school child is bully is low ( Frequency percentage Never= 53%); the most frequent type of bully a secondary school child experience is threatened by force to do things he/she didn’t want to do were among the findings from the study. The implication for the School Curriculum was discussed based on the findings from the study. School administrators’ and PTA to organize public enlightenment campaign on bullying is one of the recommendations made from the study.

Keyword: Assessment, Parent Perception, Bully, School Curriculum.

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John ayuekanbey awaab , james combert, prosper atongdem

University of Development Studies, Department of Statistics P. O. Box 1350, Ghana, West Africa, Bolgatanga Polytechnic, Department of secretaryship and management studies, P. O. Box 767, Ghana -West Africa, Bolgatanga Polytechnic, Department of secretaryship and management studies, P. O. Box 767, Ghana -West Africa

ABSTRACT:The study assessed registration of motorcycles and accidents cases in the Bolgatanga Municipality. Both the survey method and trend analysis was also employed. However, the findings discovered by the study are: motorcycle accidents cases are underreporting within the municipality however the reasons for them not reporting accidents cases to the police are:could not identify the person, thought it was not necessary to report to the police, thought of punishment, distance and fear the police being demand for money.The causes of motorcycle accidents are: hit the back of the vehicle, hit by vehicle, knocked an animal, hit the pavement and hit by a motor. Most of the victims working ability have reduced and some victims resort to borrowing, using savings and/or selling assets, however resulting in financial stress.The public should be educated on the importance of reporting accidents cases to police in other to help reduced under reporting accidents cases in the Municipality. It was predicted in the study that, 2017 total number of motorcycle registered would be increased to 7, 679 and this suggest that, roads in the municipality needs to expanded in order to accommodate these numbers and MTTU should corroborated with National Safety Commission to institute public campaign massage to educate motor riders on both the importance of reporting accident cases to police and obedience to safety precaution measures in order to mitigate motorist being track by police or law enforcement agencies. Also studies can be done to assess the relationship between motor licensing and accident in Ghana.

Keyword:Time Series Analysis, Linear trend model, Quadratic trend model, Autocorrelation Function, Partial Autocorrelation Function, Stationarity, Parameter Estimation, Parsimonious model, accidents and Differencing

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John ayuekanbey awaab, Prosper atongdem, James comber

University for development studies, department of statistics p. O. Box 1350, ghana,-west africa, Bolgatanga polytechnic, department of secretaryship and management studies , p. O. Box 767, ghana -west africa, Bolgatanga polytechnic, department of secretaryship and management studies , p. O. Box 767, ghana -west Africa

ABSTRACT:The study sought to assess the prevalence of overweight and obesity in people who visit the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital of the Techiman municipality in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana. Both the prevalence, cross tabulation and the strength of correlation were employed in the survey using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 20. The findings of the study are: the prevalence of obesity and overweight were high. Some of the people were even ignorant about the condition and the multiple positive relationships it has with the health problems they come to the hospital with. This is because obesity and overweight are major risk factors for increasing co-morbidity and mortality from noncommunicable diseases. The main objective of the study was to identify the association between obesity and weight, height and age coupled with other lifestyle factors associated with obesity among 17-60 years old who visited the hospital. It was established that, 36.5% of the respondents were in the category of normal weight within the range (18-24.5), 190 respondents representing 37.3% of the total population were overweight (25-29.9) whiles few (5.3%) representing 27 participants were underweight. However, this was as a result of the fact that, there were more female 141 participants than their male counterparts who were 49. In line with WHO BMI-forage z-score classification, 20.8% of the population was obese, while 36.5% were normal weight. Obesity was higher in females and also overweight was higher in females. More females were overweight and obese than males.

Keyword: Obesity, Multiple Linear Regression, serial correlation, multi-colinearity, homogeneity, Weight, Height and Age

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Isaac UGBOMEa, Timi TARAWOUa* and Erepamowei YOUNGa

Department of Chemical Sciences, Faculty of Science, Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island, PMB 71, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State

ABSTRACT: This study was carried out to assess the uptake of heavy metals (Cd, Ni, Pb, Fe and Zn) by okra (Abelmosclus esculentus) and red pepper (Capsicum anuum) grown within and around three dumpsites located in Sapele, Delta State and to also determine the possible health hazards associated with the consumption of such vegetable crops. Soil and plant samples were collected and subjected to laboratory analysis to determine the concentration of heavy metals using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS). The heavy metal concentrations recorded in the soil samples were above the maximum permissible limits, except Ni and Pb which were below the limits reported by WHO and EU). The mean Cd, Ni, Pb, Fe and Zn concentrations in the okra and red pepper samples across all the sampling sites were determined and the data was subjected to statistical test of significance using one way ANOVA at (p< 0.05) to determine whether there was any significant difference in the heavy metals present in the vegetable samples between the study sites. The concentration of heavy metal in the vegetables was in the order; Fe > Zn > Pb > Cd > Ni and were above the maximum permissible limits, except Ni and Fe that were below this limits set by WHO. The transfer factors (TF) recorded were (< I) with Zn having the highest TF value of 0.556. Risk assessment in terms of daily intake of metals gave DIM value for Cd and Pb greater than the maximum oral reference dose (RFD) as established by EPA-IRIS and the health risk index (HRI) recorded for Cd and Pb were (>1) with the highest HRI value of 4.8350 and 2.3145 respectively, indicating a potential health risk to consumers for the continuous consumption of vegetables grown within and around the studied dumpsites over time.

Keyword: Assessment, waste dumpsite, vegetables, heavy metals, health risk

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6. Assessment of Food Safety Practices in the Selected Second Cycle Boarding Institutions within Kumasi Metropolis of Ghana

1Akua Serwah *, 2Adusei Mary, 3Nana Ama Donkor-Boateng

1Aduman Senior High School box SE 983, Suame Kumasi, Ghana 2St. Louis College of Education, Kumasi. 3Department of Hospitality Management, Takoradi Technical University, P. O. Box 256, Takoradi, Ghana

ABSTRACT: Food safety is a scientific discipline describing handling, preparation, and storage of food in ways that prevent food borne illness. This includes a number of routines that should be followed to avoid potentially severe health hazards. Food can transmit disease from person to person as well as serve as a growth medium for bacteria that can cause food poisoning. The study investigated food safety practices in second boarding schools in the Kumasi metropolis. Three categories of people were contacted for the collection of data for the research. These comprised of one hundred (100) kitchen Staff, two hundred (200) students and fifty (50) teachers. The researchers used descriptive cross sectional design for the study. Written questionnaire and interview guide were used to collect data from respondents. Also the researcher conducted an observation to confirm the data collected. Simple random sampling, purposive sampling and systematic sampling were employed in the study and the data was descriptively presented into figures. The study revealed that as much as 42% kitchen staff were not medically screened before employment and 62% of those with health certificates had never renewed them. Students and teachers did like the appearance of the kitchen Staff, especially, the pantry men who always sweaty and gave bad body odour. The researchers Observation also revealed that there were no provisions made for hand washing in the kitchens and that one cook used bare hands to blow the nose without washing the hands before handling food. The study recommended that Ghana education service and stakeholders should screen new recruits and have their health certificates issued before they are employed in the schools, and also from time to time health officers should take unexpected inspections to find out those without certificates.

Keyword: food safety, hygienic practices, kitchen Staff, Food Handler, Meat Storage

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7. Examination of organizational conflict and its effects on productivity in Bongo District Hospital.

James Combert, John Ayuekanbey Awaab, Prosper Atongdem, Augustina kyeraa

Department Name:Secretaryship and Management Studies Bolgatanga Polytechnic, Ghana, Department of Secretaryship and Management Studies Bolgatanga Polytechnic, Ghana, Department of Secretaryship and Management Studies Bolgatanga Polytechnic, Ghana, Brekum college of education, Ghana

ABSTRACT: The study examined organizational conflict and its effect on productivity at Bongo Hospital. Both primary and secondary sources of information were used for the reviewed of the related literature. A survey design was used for the study. A simple random sampling method was used in the selection of the respondents. The study shows that poor working conditions, lack of fringe benefits, poor human relations, non-consultations, ineffective communication and poor decentralization of decision making were some of the major causes of conflicts in organizations. The study again indicates that improved quality of service, better human relations, less wastage in times and resource usage and better communication methods were positive effects of conflicts. Poor operations, less cooperation’s, less productivity, and weak employee relationships in the organizations were the negatives effects of conflict. The study further identified, consulting with workers, putting machineries in place, effecting necessary changes, putting formal procedures for conflict prevention and enforcing strict disciplinary rules as measures to management conflict in organizations. The study again cited relationship conflict, task conflict, process conflict, interpersonal conflict and conflict of interest as forms of conflicts in organization.It was further found out that managers prefer the compromise, problem solving and dominating strategies in solving conflict.The results also shown that the conflict management strategies in place at the organization have been relatively useful in minimizing the incidence of disruptive conflicts while conflict management strategies have positive impacts on workers’ productivity. The study, investigates organizational conflict and its effects on productivity in Bongo District Hospital. As the study may not be a generalization of all health organizations in Ghana, it is suggested that similar study be carried out at in other districts and regions of Ghana, in order to ascertain the authenticity of the findings to justify the implementation of the recommendations.

Keyword: conflict, organizational conflict, management

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Dr. Nguyen Thi Hang

Faculty of Economic Information System, Thai Nguyen University of Information and Communication Technology

ABSTRACT: The explosion of science and technology, especially the emergence of the industrial revolution 4.0, has shown the importance of applying technology in all areas. It can be said that information technology is becoming a measure to assess the development of modern society, where people are gradually escaping from manual, rudimentary work and gradually to computerize in all both areas for work to be more efficient, saving time and manpower. The management of personnel records is a written information activity, serving the leadership, direction, management and administration of the work of the Party, State, economic organizations and organizations. Political - social organizations, people's armed units. The management of staff records is very important for the activities of agencies and organizations because it ensures that the information in the form of documents is updated, stored and transferred to the processor in a timely manner. and exactly. Recognizing the importance of computerization in the management of personnel records and finding solutions to help agencies and organizations in managing them more simply, faster, more effectively, replacing Traditional management by records and books. For businesses as well, stemming from the practical needs of fast, compact and scientific, the professional department also managed to manage the jobs and records arising in the process of forming work clothes. case search for records to provide timely for those who need to use. The implementation of the management of records in a unit or organization needs to be enhanced, constantly exploring and strengthening management methods so that it is reasonable and scientific to improve the work efficiency in the enterprise

Keyword: Operation process, human resource management, personnel records management, personnel records, office administrative management.

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Onuorah B. Chidi1 ., Okolie K. Chuks2 ., Mbamali Ikem3 , Aniegbuna I. Austine4

1-3 Department of Building, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria 4 Department of Architecture, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria

ABSTRACT: Public office buildings around the globe accommodate large numbers of staff who work for the public interest. Indisputably, healthy working environment encourages healthy working style and reduces absenteeism at work. In other words, staff comfort and outputs depend on amongst other things, their work environment. Office worker productivity is one of the critical factors that made an organization to survive in a tight industry competition. This study aims at establishing the relationship between the performance of public office buildings and user productivity in Anambra state. The findings revealed that the performance of the office buildings negatively affects the user productivity by 60.94%. This implies that the condition and performance of the office buildings is not favourable to the occupants work output. The study recommends that the Government maps out adequate recourses for carrying out regular performance evaluation as well as engaging facilities management professionals to take charge of the management of public buildings since the process takes holistic view of the dynamics between people, process and environment. This will enhance worker productivity by creating a conducive, efficient and comfortable environment in carrying out the organizational core business.

Keyword: Public office building, user productivity, performance evaluation, facilities management.

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Onuorah B. Chidi1 ., Okolie K. Chuks2 ., Mbamali Ikem3 , Agu N. Nathan4

1-3 Department of Building, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria 4 Department of Quantity Surveying, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria

ABSTRACT: Office buildings represent a significant value as being fixed assets for all organizations. The primary purpose of an office building is to facilitate the provision of a workplace and working environment for information and knowledge processing activities such as filing, planning, designing, supervising, analyzing, deciding and communication. However, despite the crucial role of this resource especially in Nigeria, occupants of public office buildings have not demonstrated adequate level of satisfaction with the performance of their workplaces. This study evaluates the user satisfaction with public office buildings in Anambra state using questionnaire survey. Findings revealed that the level of user satisfaction for public office buildings in the state is rated 43.86% based on selected performance indicators which is considered relatively low. This is attributed mainly to lack of building performance evaluation of the facilities which would have provided feedbacks necessary for promoting user needs and expectations. This research however recommended regular and proper performance evaluation of office buildings through improved design, planning, construction and management of public buildings. This is to be done based on standards and specifications established by experts and professionals with adequate knowledge of user changing needs and expectations.

Keyword: Office buildings, Performance evaluation, User needs and Satisfaction.

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